Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a four hour bus drive from Cartagena direction north – east.

I arrived there last Saturday end of day, and it was more a “couple weekend”. My friend from Baranquilla joined me to spend the week end in Santa Marta.

So we tried a couple of nice restaurant, sea food is amazing here I have to say. Highly recommend “Donde Chucho” restaurant.

Then, we headed out the club named “Burukuka”, it’s right over “El Rodadero”, the touristy set of Santa Marta. So from the disco’s terrace you have an amazing view on the beach and it’s coconut trees. The place is amazing, the music is great, only the coktails seemed to have a lack of alcool.

Funny thing to mention, is that although it’s 30 degrees everyday and very humid, it’s still almost Christmas, and the decorations are everywhere, and most of all at the beach side. Quite surprising to see this from a European point of view when Christmas, is more about snow and cold weather.

The second evening was about trying to get a sense of the crazy ambiance which was going on at “El Rodadero”, this is THE Colombian touristy destination on the Carribean coast. At the beach a lot of different group of people where drinking Aguardiente and dancing as some live bands were playing next to them. Cool, relaxing festive ambiance.


~ by taipanspirit on December 9, 2010.

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