Friday night in Cartagena

After leaving a little while the blog, I am trying my best to get it updated 😉

So last Friday was about trying out the last night in Cartagena So I had a last nice lunch at “El Bistrot” highly recomended place in the historical center of Cartagena, you won’t get typical local food but you will get outstanding quality fine food for a very reasonable prize. The place is owned by two germans.

Then a couple of beers on the nice outside terrace of “Donde Fidel” a Salsa bar where people dance a bit everywhere, might it be in the bar, on the walking path, or even directly on the terrace… who cares ? it’s fun!

So tonight was a lot more “local style”, it almost appeared that most of the “working girls” disappeared.

A live band was playing local typical music such as Cumbia, Vallenato and Salsa. Great ambiance on the main place of Cartagena historical center.

So midnight happened when I decided to give a second try to “Mister Babilla” a famous disco in the Zona Rosa, it’s in the Getsemani Barrio, the road is pretty dirty and not very welcoming…but…as soon as you enter this place, it gets really fun. You will be invited easily to dance Vallenato, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Reggaeton. Good fun!

Experience done, weekly time in Cartagena is “ok” for a couple of drinks but don’t expect more. And week end gets really crowded with local people, and it’s awesome!

All album of Cartagena could be see here :

Cartagena Album


~ by taipanspirit on December 9, 2010.

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