Cartagena de Indias


This last Tuesday I took a flight from Medellin to discover the Caribbean coast, the last big part of my Colombian trip.

Stepping out of the plane was a great feeling, you feel the nice warm climate, and the tropical humidity (this might be my addiction i believe).

Discovering the old town of Cartagena is magical, every street you look at makes you say “WOW”, the colonial architecture has been preserved, their colours are stunning, the cathedral is reveals it’s true colors by the end of the day and by night the lights makes it even nicer.


It’s a very romantical city, you can have a round of the old town in a Caleche, and then sip a nice coktail at the seaside on the walls of the old town at Cafe del Mar in a trendy chill out ambiance.

Cartagena de Indias is the new Coastal destination for tourism in Colombia, as any other city here in Colombia you will find 3 different worlds, the historical center classed on Unesco list, the touristic heart of the city with nice charming hotels, the Bocagrande beach area, where you see ugly big new hotels. And finally the back of the city, the place you don’t really see as a tourist, but which still does exist, which is where the main local neighbourhoods are, from middle range till very poor ones.

The attractions of the area is first on the list, the historical center, with it’s pirates war background, it’s beautiful streets with balconies and jalousies and colourful walls. This is also a gastronomical destination where you can enjoy rice with coco, kind of addicted actually. Other Ceviches, and product from the sea.

The only con side of the area at the moment, is that, when it rains, it really rains heavily sometimes for a couple of hours. If you are outside at this very moment, you can try to protect yourself under a balcony for a few minutes, but you will surely end up by jumping in a taxi to go back to a covered place.

The other attractions of the place are the beautiful beaches of Isla de Baru and Isla de Rosario, but so far the weather wasn´t really nice. I may have more chance with the beaches up north.

Regarding nightlife, tonight will be friday so I look forward to experience it with some local people. But so far I have to say that there is a great salsa ambiance, but there is also a lot of prostitution around which ruins a bit the image of the city.


~ by taipanspirit on December 3, 2010.

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