backpacker gastronomy

In Medellin I stayed at the Buddha Hostel. A calm hostel, very friendly and peaceful out of the noisy center, which allows you to rest in peace after partying like an animal all night, avoiding the “party hostel” kind. Thank you to Martin the owner and his great living spirit.

The area is surrounded by nature, you almost feel like being in a little tropical forest, there is a terrace, two nice dogs and two cats are also part of the place.

During this stay we met a cook chief who is revolutioning the backpackers habits, by preparing gourmet food for the travellers. Here is what it looks like before:

See the menu here : menu

It was a gourmet dinner of 10 different plates for an affordable backpacker’s prize. A big Thank you to Jose and his son who made us experience their fine cooking talent.

Here below two links for two recommendations :

The Hostal Buddha in Medellin

The Backpacker gastronomic revolution


~ by taipanspirit on December 1, 2010.

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  1. Thanks to you Sebastian, it was a pleasure and a honour to have had the chance to cook for you, all the best, you are being missed at the Buddha’s Hostel Medellin, everybody, Martin, Silvia, Santiago, Luz and ofcourse myself and my son. Merci beaucoup. Truly Joseph & Mihail, Backpackers Gstronomic Revolution.

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