Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar, personnage unique and infamous in Colombia, good and bad at the same time, was killed in 1993. He was the head of the Drug Cartel of Medellin. He gave to the poor and donate a lot of money, he also built over 800 house in Medellin for people to live in. But he was the head of the Narco traffic and exported tons of Cocaine abroad, and is responsible of an incredible number of murders.

The incredible thing that I have learned and experience just today, is that there is actually a “tour” organized to know more about him, and even meet his brother (no kidding).

So I have to say that I don’t really know how to feel about this experience, it-s a bit weird to get to know the brother of Pablo Escobar, but it was interesting as it-s part of the Colombian history.

The good thing of it is to feel free to ask any question to his brother.

Here below is the first Moto, Pablo was using to pass a couple of kilos of Cocaine in Colombia.

Here a picture of one of his numerous villas and houses. With even a helicopter which could land on the swimming pool…

In the house which we visited, that was the one in which Pablo used to hide himself, there are still a number of trace of bullet shoots.

and finally you get to take a picture with Roberto, Pablo Escobar’s brother. And although I first thought it could not be the real brother, after looking at some newspaper articles and interviews, you realise it-s really him.

Please feel free to add any comments or input.


~ by taipanspirit on November 28, 2010.

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