Passing on this quick time in Manizales, I realized there was nothing much happenning till the end of the week, and “waisting” 2 more days to wait for a crazy night was not worth it. Also have to say that it rains a lot in this area at the moment, every afternoon is just not fun. So I made a good choice, I took a bus in the morning heading to Salento, a little village still near this “Parque de los Nevados” at 2’000 meters high.

Here is the little bus I took, it was a ride of about 4 hours, passing through the town of Pereira, and Armenia, to then change for another bus reaching Salento.

To reach by end mid-afternoon this lovely little village, quite touristy but so well kept in the “paisa style”, typical from the years of 1850.

A great place with a fantastic landscape, where the clouds play with the curves of the mountains.

A place where peaceful is main word.

I have to say a big “THANK YOU” to the Dutch couple I have met in Bogota for the tip of “lili’s casa”, great place !!! You feel like at home and Lili is just so friendly. Here is actualy my balcony 😉 I love it.

And to finish this day, travel is about meeting people, and just arriving at Lili’s I have met a great couple of Americans and a cool Swiss german, and we all headed to the great restaurant which is right around the corner, named “El Rincon de Lucy”, awesome food which cost nothing. We all recommend it!


~ by taipanspirit on November 26, 2010.

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