Taxis and transportation

Transportation in Bogota has it’s loads of difference of what we are used to in Europe.

Regarding taxis, by night you definitely need to get a taxi to get you from point A to B otherwise depending in which area of the city you are, you take too much risks. So there is one good and safe way for that, first you call the taxi agency number, they give you the plate number of the taxi which is coming and a code to give him. Therefore you are definitely sure you are in good hands. Do not wave a taxi as you would do in New York.

Apart from that, all taxis drove pretty much like crazy and seat bells hardly exists, but you get used to it, although you wonder how there are not so many accidents.

Apart from taxis, we find some busetas (little bus), see picture here below, for more local area transportation, and of course the fast transmilenio red buses, which drive you through the whole city on a fast lane.


~ by taipanspirit on November 22, 2010.

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