First drop of Bogota

My very first view on Bogota was pretty awkward, the area around the airport of Bogota are pretty ugly, the road was under massive construction, and the last quarters visited, better to avoid for security reasons. So that was until I got at the hostel, and then… although I haven’t slept for 24hours I already hit the night in Bogota to go up north in the Zona Rosa, and the difference is just jawdropping. You find yourself in a perfectly clean, bar – disco areas, there are plenty of them, the prizes of coktails are easily those we find in Switzerland (yes no joke), you find some very high class restaurant – lounge bar, champagne special white house – chill ambiance bar. So yeah, you feel like you are in a complete other world. And this is surely one of the most striking point of the country, this huge difference of social classes.

After a pretty cold night, let’s say that the hostel is nice, but there is a big lack of heating… (in Bogota by day with the sun it could be easily 20 degrees, but by night, might drop till 8-10.)

So Saturday first full day in Botoga, as I stay in the historical center named “la Candelaria”, me and my Colombian friend had a nice walk around this great colonial quarter and had the typical plate for midday of Bogota.

For the end of the day we went to the “Gold Museum”, which related the findings and the historical use of Gold amongst the indigenous.

And after this pretty tough visit and cultural day, it was time to go out again.


~ by taipanspirit on November 21, 2010.

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