Bienvenido a Colombia

Welcome to Colombia – after a trip of about 15 hours altogether, Iberia got me there safe and sound, although I wouldn’t advertise much their service.

Already got a couple of stories during this long flight, I can tell there were already some beauties on it, as well as a couple of “weird” ones, fake boobs, wearing a very short skirt (why in a plane ? ), and sunglasses inside the plane (very useful). So that was part of the mix of people on board.

Arriving at Bogota, all people made a big applause when we landed, some even dropped a couple of tears, signing themselves religiously. Bogota is an 8 million city at 2600 meter high, but…. the airport is very small. Geneva could be compared as “big”. Passing the immigration check in a big crowd, I got a safe taxi booked at the airport which drove me through some really serious traffic jams. Apparently the “transmillenio” which is a fast bus lane meant to solve the traffic jams throughout all the city is still under construcion and causes a lot of issues. The taxi had to do a little detour south (quick explaination, the south si where the poor quarters are (better to avoid as a tourist), and the north is where the rich quarters are, so we crossed some very uncomfortable quarters, and got happy to arrive safe and sound at the hostel. Where there was a nice cheerfull “parilla” (barbecue) right when i arrived with a fresh local beer, better could harldy be 😉


~ by taipanspirit on November 20, 2010.

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