Colombia is getting closer

Good news! The holiday plan becomes reality. The plane ticket has been booked, in November 2010 I will be off to Colombia for 3 weeks. I really cannot wait for it !

I am not surprised to get a lot of comments such as “are you sure you want to go there ?” “are you not scared or worried ?”

That shows that a lot of people still have a very bad image of this country essentialy due to the awful french medias which always exaggerate the negative things happenning there, but never communicating the positive ones. But for those who followed the evolution of it, especially regarding security. They know there is a huge difference between now and 8 years ago. As explained in a previous article, travelling with good sense helps you go through a lot of potential difficulties.

For me Colombia is attractive for the music and dance (salsa, merrenge, bachata, cumbia and so on…), for the people (very friendly, kind and sociable), and the diversity of landscapes (amazonia, beach, mountains, desert), a huge variety of animals as well. And I think in the back of my mind I feel it’s a country where there hasn’t been a lot of tourists yet, so there is still something that not “everyone” has already experienced.

To follow the ongoing event within the country here is a very useful website :

Throughout my research of information, apart from the usual Lonely Planet, I have just found a great french blog :

Which takes you through a great recent experience (2010) of travel through Colombia, a good way to look forward to travelling there!


~ by taipanspirit on August 27, 2010.

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