The adventure road to Rurrenabaque

One day later I booked a bus to Rurrenabaque, I had to wait for my bus meant to come at 2 pm, it arrived at 5 pm… (thanks to the bolivian punctuality) time to meet some travellers next to the road. That’s the bridge i have been looking impatiently for hours…


The road to Rurrenabaque is made of dirt, thank god it was dry though. The first two hours of driving after Coroico could easily be called the “death road”, the road is very thin and it’s almost impossible to cross. I have been scared a few times and so were the locals in the bus. During the whole trip we all got very sweaty and dirty because of all the dust flying through the opened windows.

road to rurrenabaque

More-less the road went slowly down until 200 meters of altitud, we drove by night time, the journey last 15 hours altogether, I remember that during the last 3 hours of bus till we arrived at our destination, you get shaked so much because of the state of the road that it sounds like a miracle that no one threw up in the bus.

The whole album (not that interesting but still) shows you Yolosa, the stop where i waited and the road itself when i had the chance to took a picture from the window :


~ by taipanspirit on February 7, 2009.

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