Ojas de Coca

I have been writing a lot about chewing ojas de coca. To explain a little bit more about this plant, yes it’s the same plant from which Cocaine is being made, and NO the leafes only, do not have any drug effect.

The coca leafes are being chew in Bolivia to get rid of the altitud bad effects, it cuts the hunger and stimulate the nerve system. The bolivians do chew it for pleasure such as others take coffee or smoke cigarettes. The “Mate de Coca” or coca’s tea is also very common and do have the same effects.

feuille de coca et the de coca

The leafe grow on little trees cultivated in the Yungas and Chapare department of Bolivia, between 1000 and 2000 meters high. The leafes are being sold by kilos on more-less every market, besides “legia” which is like “bicabornate de soude” which helps the leafes to release it’s effect while being chewed.


~ by taipanspirit on February 7, 2009.

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