Sur del Lipez dia 2

Leaving the village early in the morning we were up for a 12 hours driving day. The journey began by discovering a ghost village, where the inhabitants got crazy because they got rich by discovering silver in the mountain. So crazy that they sold their kids… The legend says that the “pest” got fast over the village and killed everyone in a few days. Maybe a vengeance from God.

ghost village

After this, we passed at 4900 meters, still not easy to acclimate at so high altitud although the coca leafes helped. Then we had to cross a few rivers where to motocyclers had a bit of an issue. We also met on the way a lot of lamas and vigognas (a bit smaller and thinner).

issues on the road


We entered in a national parc to discover amazing lagunes of different colors, we could feel being in volcanic region. Most of the lagunes were fullfilled of hundreds of rose flamencos. Those lagunes were also source of different minerals, borax and others used for champoo and other cosmetics. Pretty surprising to see those flamencos at 4500 meters. It changes our ideal tropical flamenco picture.


At midday we also had the opportunity to have a bath in natural warm thermal water. Then we drove till the feet of volcano Licancabur (5900 m) bordering argentina and chile, where there was a green lagune full of arsenic. The famous Dali Desert was also on the way.

dali desert

volcan licancabur and the green laguna

Continuing the journey, we crossed geisers, boiling mud with a great “souffre” perfume. By the end of the day we arrived at a hostel. The ambiance in the car was local Quechua music.

The whole album to be found here :


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