One day after my stay in Tilcara I took a bus directly to “La Quiaca”, argentinian city bordering with Bolivia, 4 hours of bus to reach this town at 3500 meters high through stunning landscapes (again).

road to la Quiaca

Then it was all about administration and waiting, a lot of waiting almost 3 hours and a half to cross the two borders and reach Bolivia. There was an awful smell at the border, toilets, junks and stuff. Not really welcoming. Although I have met a good group to spend the time at the border, argentinians, french and croatians, altogether we crossed the border to reach “Villazon” the bolivian town bordering and booked our first bus to Tupiza the first Bolivian adventure.

bolivia border

A big difference from Argentina is that in Bolivia all roads are actually pists of mud and sand. The travel was a big chaotic, and after crossing a few rios we were stucked in a mud rio. All the passengers had to get out of the bus and a few trucks helped to rebuild the road and pull the bus out of the mud.

bus in the mud

One other thing to notice in Bolivia, toilet paper and soap are luxury and don’t exists, so better always have some with you.

The pictures album to be found here :


~ by taipanspirit on January 13, 2009.

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