Leaving Salta early morning on the 31st  i arrived in Cafayate, a little village of 12’000 inhabitants, very small. And I found THE HOSTEL, named Rusty-k, i would definitely recommend it. it’s a harvest of peace, including an inside garden where the wineyards sets the shadows. I am doing a bit of advertising but this hostel is just something unique and the people who manage it are so gentle and helpful, well ….i loved it!

Hostel - Rusty K

Cafayate is well known for two main reasons, because of its wine, me and a friend met at the hostel went to taste some wine at Nanny’s bodega. Every wine was a big escape for the senses, a pleasure to taste them, therefore we bought a few bottle for the new year’s dinner. I spent it at the hostel with 15 other people from all around the world, great ambiance. And of course great meat for dinner. Happy New year 2009 to all my fellow readers.


The second reason why cafayate is well known is cause it’s landscape and more precisely the the first 45 km of road towards Salta, known as the Quebrada de las Conchas. A tremendous view, at each corner of the road the landscape leaves you breathless. All the different forms of mountains are different mineral sands, therefore the wind and the water shape the mountains.

Castellinos - Quebrada de las conchas

quebrada de las Conchas

All the album to be discovered at this link :


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