Santiago part 2

Staying at my friend’s house i have been along her to see a lot of Santiago’s city’s parts. On the following pictures you can see the metro, and breathtaking pictures from the “Cerro San Cristobald”. To get over there, it’s possible to take cabins, similar to the ones we do have in switzerland for the ski station. (but pretty old though)

It’s at this very moment that I realise how big the city really stands. Looking at buildings spreading till the horizon. It’s geographic situation between the two mountain chains keeps the pollution over the city and often some “smog” can be seen.

From the Cerro (mount), the difference of the quarters, rich and poor is shocking, but unfortunately true.

Getting to learn the argentinian spanish was a first step well done, but understanding the Chilean people is the second level. They do speak a lot faster and have another accent. One other funny thing i noticed, is when a chilean tell you “hey we’re going out, not too far”, that means for more-less an hour driving. So…yes Santiago is big.

Santiago city from Cerro San Cristobald

The rest of the album here :


~ by taipanspirit on December 23, 2008.

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