Iguazu Falls

Iguazu is situated 4 hours driving north east of Posadas, at the border of Paraguay and Bresil. I took a more local bus to reach this town from San Ignacio. It was pretty funny to meet the local customs, every stop we have done some random people selling food or other things just come on the bus and come to you. Very useful when you wanna have a bite though.

The norther you go, the hotter it gets. Today must be 35-40 degrees, the worst time of the day is between 1 pm and 4 pm. Better remaining in shadows.

Garganta del Diablo - Iguazu falls

From Puerto Iguazu, you can reach the famous Iguazu Falls, a breathtaking natural park. Yesterday i have been on the Argentinian side, the usual one if i may say, where everyday in the low season (because it’s still end of spring here) there are more-less 3000 visitors. So it’s kinda hard to feel “unique” in this type of situation. But well it’s definitely worth it, the falls are majestic as you can see on the pictures, and you can actually meet a few interesting animals around. Amongst them > coatis, loads of stunning butterflies, a few lizards, a lot of birds. but no snakes yet…

Iguana ou Varan

Chutes d'iguazu

Second day, we crossed the brasilian border to see the brasilian side of the falls, which gave us a more general point of view of the falls.



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